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Its the moment of War and Game!. After Dark is an event for seasoned players, who have completed  More...

Want to celebrate your birthday? or of a friend? . At Milsim, we can make a blast. With a scenari More...

"Operation Caterpillar" - An exhaustive, Rough terrain, slope inclined- powder ball bat More...
  • Amazing... had fun...a must for adventure seekers....better for groups....lance was very cooperative...play safe n have fun... - Amit P
  • An exceptionally awesome extra curricular activity... would recommend this as a TOP PRIORITY activity in your check off list of things to do in Goa... easily exerting, this well maintained facility is managed very well by Mr. Lance D'mello. Lance's enthusiasm and extremely warm nature is infectious and you are very easily enjoying your physical exertion while he keeps safety in sight. The gear is good, the work out is great and the prices are amazing... - Vishwet
  • Amazing Experience ... As a first time paintball player it was a amazing experience. The simulation was very realistic. Lance was a great sport thanks to him and keep up the good work.  - Rdzaveri
  • “This is FUN!” - If you are on your visit to Goa, this is one sure spot to add up to your lists. An awesome Vietnamese war experience with safely triggered paint pall that is sure to set your spirits high. I stay in Dubai which has one of the worlds biggest paint ball fields but MILSIM stands out with innovation. Its even more awesome if a shower or two fills in making the field wet and unexpected making it even more fun. Visit this place eyes blinded and you surely won't regret it.  - Rohit
  • MILSIM... you just want more of it. Everytime you go - you get a new game, a new strategy and altogether a new entertainment. Everything is so systematic and user friendly... you just get into the game and voila!! you are already playing a real like game on the ground. Its a true military experience and provides you with a total gaming experience on ground!  - Lavina Dcosta
  • i always wondered what it was like to be in the military and going to war. Milsim Goa gives me that experience each and every time i visit. Adrenaline pumping, Warfare at its best & a fun and secured enviorment for friends and family. Best part is their open thru out the rains!  - Azarel Pinherio
  • It is one place where you can get closer to your dream of world domination through assault, albeit through simulation. Its a great place to get off the gaming console and experience the real battle field. - Ashton Dias E Souza
  • Nice time with the buddies.... Great pit stop if you are going from North Goa to South Goa on NH17- Melanie Dmello
  • I enjoyed a lots on Milsim Grounds... A must visit place in GOA..... Protective Gear, Paintball Guns, Paintballs and everything is good.. Thanks to Milsim Team for providing such a delightful Gaming/Entertainment Center!!! - Joyston Colaco
  • Paintballing at Milsim is not just paintballing. You don't just pay, get handed a gun and go battle with your friends. At Milsim its a full on war with each team having a different uniform, war games planned and coordinated by the organisers, and fun packed action. I was lucky enough to participate at one of their onsite events titled Battlefield: Varca AMBUSH. This was played in a natural environment of fields, trees, bushes and marshes. Was my first time paintballing and thanks to Milsim was extremely memorable. - Marie Dale Pais
  • We are really happy to share with all that MILSIM GOA was the best part of our trip.Its just amazing.It made our day and our trip.So innovative,so different & energiging game it is.We had been there with friends,& we enjoyed every single moment over there.The way we were dressed was another attraction of MILSIM.It made us feel that we were really a part of military.It was the getup of our opposite team,for which we could see our friends as our enemy.This game needs team work,strategic planning,winning spirit,involvement & so.Everything was so perfect that we had real feeling of being in Indian Army.This is the best game that we have ever played.We will visit Milsim again if get chance.Overall it was a great experience and real fun.... - Soumya
  • If you've got teenagers, are one or just still have the energy of one then get yourself to MILSIM. Unlike ordinary paintball you need your brain and use of tactical and objective thinking to get the very most out of your experience. Both wanna be Rambos and Lara Crofts can attend Milsim as individuals but obviously this is something, which is so much more stimulating with a group of friends, family or colleagues. Individual soldiers are limited to target practice; this is adapted to your level of skill and can be as challenging as you want it to be. If you want to just hit targets, that’s fine but if you want to really get the most our of this you need to be a group or join one. At MISLIM they will set up 'Game play' to suit your group and skill level - they take it VERY seriously and put a lot of effort and energy in to making each experience as real as possible - you use a lot of adrenaline in this high skill high thrill activity - be warned it is totally addictive!  - Helen